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Anton Bergåker | March 2nd, 2018

Patch 2.0

March 2nd, 2018

Three years ago, we planned on being in Early Access for roughly 6 months. A lot has happened since then, we decided we wanted to take the game in a new direction and not become just another rouge-like. We were able to release on additional platforms and we've pretty much remade every single part of the game. The game is bigger and better than we planned. This is not the same game that entered Early Access what feels like forever ago.

Even though the game is released, we're going to keep updating the game. Fixing bugs and most likely look into some parts we feel didn't turn out perfectly.

Back in 2015, we decided to enter Early Access to get community feedback and ideas, this would not have been possible without you guys. Thank you so much for being with us every step of the way!

Now I'm done being emotional, on to the actual changes!


Minor spoilers ahead!

Major Additions:

  • The dark forest dungeon! A new dungeon with a spin. When you come back you won't be the same
  • Rewrote the lighting to be 50% faster
  • Fixed a bug where Pecrtron would duplicate on warp.
  • New boss sounds.
  • More things are now drawn on the map.
  • You are no longer able to change your sidekick upon revisiting the Desert Dungeon. Best friends are forever. This is only on dying, resetting your game will let you remake him/her.
  • Increased the max limit on the screenshake slider.
  • Increased the minimum limit on the text speed slider. You can now no longer completely freeze conversations.

Major Tweaks:

  • Hotball has been reworked
  • Once you save Foster you'll find the Devil inside when fighting bosses
  • Ivan is now a bit less into lasers, and more into fast projectiles

Minor Tweaks:

  • Hid the edges of spider webs under the ground so it doesn't look like spiders use hot glue when making their nests
  • Moved some spider webs around in major story areas to align
  • Delivering Ivan's letter is not as anticlimactic
  • Lights look more lighty in the spooky dungeon
  • Terma vision won't send you flying to the moon
  • Getting all items is now easier, with the odds being in your favor once you get close
  • Some brights are now brighter, such as fireballs. Especially in bright areas
  • The dialogue box doesn't bounce around like a pinball(as much)
  • The lava no longer looks like water someone set fire to
  • Some contact items would absolutely destroy bosses. Now they only modestly destroy bosses
  • Dinosoar is no longer as picky about what's hurting it
  • You can now save your game at the end warp
  • When using a controller, your aim reticle is now based on range instead of a fixed distance
  • The dash direction can now be changed in the options, letting you dash where you're moving instead of where you're aiming
  • Ghost health is displayed in a way that makes more sense
  • Dead penguins can no longer hurt you (also the name of my alt-band)
  • Adjusted various hitboxes in the game to be more fair to the player
  • The lightning enemy can now buff nearby enemies
  • Graphics for each individual player when using different items
  • Various graphics when using the x-ray glasses have been updated
  • The BFF got stuck in the washing machine and is now smaller
  • The very start of the Forest dungeon has been updated
  • Aim Assist now helps you a lot more


  • Fixed a crash related to targeting when fighting Prickle
  • The Mother no longer flashes the up animation when it's not supposed to
  • Enemies now properly show how stunned they are while in the Yang world
  • Audio can no longer get stuck forever. It can still get stuck for a long time, but not forever
  • Tables at the beginning are now at proper heights
  • Using the Destructicorn in the Yang puddles no longer turns everything white
  • Some things were missing from the Yang world that are shown now
  • Ivan's peepers no longer show up in places you don't want them. Well I guess you don't want them anywhere, but they don't show up in places where they really shouldn't be
  • Pixies no longer send enemies in the wrong direction
  • Collisions would remain after a dungeon blew up
  • Enemies no longer get stuck in the Yang maze
  • Money is now awarded if you go to a room room where it can't follow
  • The scarecrow now wears his fake nose properly and with style
  • Lord Pec'rtron is now awarded at the start of summoning, preventing you from losing it
  • You can no longer leave the spooky dungeon with a Ghost Gem
  • Matt Master no longer gets bugged if you hurt him unexpectedly

In case you missed it, we have a discord server!

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Written by Anton Bergåker

March 2nd, 2018

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